What could be easier than having an app for a paging system on your phone?

We all know the drill: you are awaiting your meal in a restaurant bistro, a drink order in a pub, a coffee order in a cafe or a medicine order in a pharmacy. Anywhere that doesn’t offer table service will require you to listen for your order to be called, wait at the counter, or take a paging device back to your table. If you put in a prescription to be filled, you’ll usually have to wait or come back to collect it later.

Things are changing, however, thanks to innovative new apps. It seems there is an app for almost everything these days, and a digital paging system via your mobile phone is the next logical step.

All you need is an Android phone or an iPhone. Participating service providers simply enter your number into their system when you place an order, and the phone will ping with a text message detailing your order plus any relevant instructions from the service provider. You can go back to your seat or go about your business. When your order is ready for collection, your phone will let you know – by buzzing, flashing, and vibrating – just like your own personal paging device!

This innovative and technologically advanced system is wonderfully convenient and easy to use for both service providers as well as customers. One hundred percent web-based, it has no expensive or complicated hardware to buy or install; and as a customer, you need only have a smartphone.

The app is called Buzzooki; and vendors using it need only have a laptop or tablet which has a reliable internet connection. The system works optimally if customers download the app, but if you choose not to, it will still send an SMS to your phone. It works with any Android phone or tablet bought since 2012, iPad2 or higher, and iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 6, or 6Plus. Best of all, the Buzzooki app is completely free for you to use as a customer!

Never again will you need to wait at the counter for your order to be ready. Never again will you go back for your prescription to find the medicine is not yet in store. With this clever app, ordering just got a whole lot more convenient. And the system works all over the world! As long as the vendor or service provider is signed on, all paging will now be via your phone.

The days of having those big, dirty, cumbersome and ugly restaurant pagers are coming to an end. Keep your hands clean and have your own personal paging system at your fingertips – wherever you may be. Casual dining just got a whole lot better! Get the app today – and make sure to mention it next time you’re at your favourite cafe, pub, or restaurant!