Any tablet or laptop with an Internet connection will do. Buzzooki console works on the web, not an app, so you just need to be able to browse to the web.

If your customer doesn’t download the app, we’ll send them an SMS but Buzzooki works better with the app as we can make their phone buzz, flash and vibrate.

Buzzooki works on:

  1. iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5 and 4S.
  2. iPad 2 or above.
  3. Any Android phones or tablet purchased in the last 3 years.

If you find a phone or tablet on which Buzzooki does not work well, let us know at

Nothing! Buzzooki is free for your customers. Tell everybody!

Nope. You can cancel at any time, but please let us know why so we can hopefully get better.

In the Buzzooki console, just click your customer name, then the Subscribe button. We use Stripe, which means that we never touch your credit card details.

Text messages are metered but the Buzzooki app is all-you-can-eat. Go for it!

No. Just buzz them twice. You can buzz them as many times as you want.

Everything’s cool. It will still work. Once you’ve run Buzzooki once, it will always reconnect you unless you uninstall.

No problem. They just give their number to the second vendor and Buzzooki will keep track of both. They’ll only see a single Wait screen, but both stalls can buzz them independently and, when they do, Buzzooki will tell them which order is ready.

Yes, Buzzooki is really clever like that. They don’t have to be on the wait screen. Indeed they don’t even have to have the Buzzooki app in the foreground. They can use the phone for anything else while waiting.

Not yet. Buzzooki only requires you to enter the order number from the POS into the console so it’s not a big deal. We’ll have POS integration in future.

It will work, but a phone screen is a bit small for the fast operation behind a counter.

Absolutely. Both the console and the app will work on a tablet. Some tablets don’t vibrate so you may have to watch them a little more closely but apart from that, Buzzooki will work on your tablet.

We know! He’s pretty happy with himself.